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Play Repairmen Escape Game

Repairmen Escape

You are trapped inside in a toxic factory. The door of the factory is locked until the toxic leak is re...

Play Must Escape The Pet Shop Game

Must Escape The Pet Shop

You spent so much time at the pet shop that you don't remember how you fell asleep! You must be exhaust...

Play Garden Scapes Mansion Makeover Game

Garden Scapes Mansion Makeover

Find the items that people are requesting. Earn money to purchase items for the mansion makeover.

Play Astrophysics Game


Use your wits to help your alien friend collect all the spaceships

Play Worder Game


If you sort through this jumble of letters, you'll find word treasures! Search for the word listed on t...

Play Zombie Die Hard Game

Zombie Die Hard

Its hard to kill Zombie, Use your tricks to kill zombie in this new zombies game, Use objects in the ga...

Play Transmorpher Game


Find the way to escape from laboratory. Change your shape and abilities while you do so in a fun puzzle...

Play Curious Balls Game

Curious Balls

In the physics based puzzle game Curious Balls your goal is to get the balls into the portals each leve...

Play The Lost Octopus Game

The Lost Octopus

Help the lost octopus back into the water before your moves run out!

Play Mysterious Residence Escape Game

Mysterious Residence Escape

You find yourself locked in the ancient house in your block. Use your wits to get out of this house bef...

Play Stick Save 4 Game

Stick Save 4

Save all of the sticks on the screen! Stick Save 4 is a silly little puzzle game where you must prevent...

Play Find The Candy Game

Find The Candy

Find the candy hidden in the room and collect the 3 hidden stars along the way! Move books, unlock ches...

Play Phineas And Ferb Sound Memory Game

Phineas And Ferb Sound Memory

Help Phineas and Ferb to remember the sound sequence by clicking the head, if you make a mistake you wi...

Play Causality Turkey Terror Game

Causality Turkey Terror

Thanksgiving is almost here, so get the turkey ready! Play as the angel of death in Causality Turkey Te...

Play Mortlake Mansion Game

Mortlake Mansion

The old mansion has been living a mysterious life of its own. Explore the dark rooms of the house and d...

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